Our founder, John V Willshire, is a highly sought-after keynote speaker at events across Europe and beyond. Get in touch if you’d like to invite him to speak at.


Strategy Is Dead: Long Live Metastrategy – The Conference, Malmo, 2016

“The way John mesmerized the audience by using the tone of his voice and the beauty of his slides deeply impressed me. His way of talking about abstract and complex things in a very concrete way is truly unique.”

Martin Thörnkvist, Conference Director, www.theconference.se



Metadesign For Murph – dConstruct, Brighton, 2015

“John is a fantastically energetic and inventive speaker, who is able to breath life into a dizzying array of topics. Diligent to a fault, he’ll spend weeks crafting a new topic that seamlessly blends highbrow concepts with popular culture. The process may look messy—just check out some of his instagram pictures—but the results are a beautifully crafted and humorously delivered work of art. By now you’re probably getting the sense that we’re fans at Clearleft, and you’d be right. So you should definitely get him for you next high-end conference, corporate away-day or children’s party!”

Andy Budd, Clearleft / dConstruct / UX London



“John gave an excellent talk at our Google Firestarters event. He is an excellent provocateur, with an intelligent, considered viewpoint that stimulated a huge amount of discussion, interaction and feedback. If you’re thinking about hiring him to give a talk, do it and don’t hesitate.”

Neil Perkin, Only Dead Fish