Video: Magnetic, wipe-clean Artefact Cards

On: December 7, 2012
In: artefactcards, making, technology
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I’ve made a wee video about the material testing for the magnetic Artefact Cards we’re developing, as a product offshoot that various folks have asked for:


(If you’re interested in these, I’ll be looking for some willing volunteers amongst the Artefact Cards users to test these, once we’ve got the materials in a fit shape to use well).


It’s not an amazing video.  I haven’t really done much video blogging before, so I just shot this on an iPhone 4S on my desk.

What annoys me most is the angles are weird; I’d have preferred if the camera had been held above the desk, looking down.  I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have a stand or a tripod or anything.  And having looked at the professional rigs you can set up for filming down onto a desk, I didn’t much fancy buying one of those in order to discover if doing videos was actually something I was good at, or people wanted to watch.

The internet gallops to the rescue again: there’s an instructables project to make a work lamp / webcam hybrid that you can position however you like.  All for a material cost of about £20 and a bit of sugru.

I’ll post some pictures of it once it’s built, and rigged up.  December is shaping up to be a very makey month.  I might see if Father Christmas needs any helpo with the toys too…


I’ve just started watch Mike Rohde‘s video podcast (we talked yesterday about doing an exciting project together in the spring) and it’s exactly this I’m looking to try and get – good quality footage, looking stright down on the desk…