Smithery is a Strategic Design Unit, founded in 2011. We help companies Make Things People Want, rather than Make People Want Things.

Smithery was founded by John V Willshire to solve a problem for clients that kept cropping up in his previous life as Chief Innovation Officer at PHD in London – a lot of organisations try to apply innovation in silos, rather than threading it through the whole business.

Smithery addresses this by making things quickly with our clients, their teams, talented partners we bring in, and customers. We work on projects, products and services, teach people things, and share powerful stories of how to change, using an antidisciplinary approach which wanders through the worlds of Strategy, Prototyping, Design, Culture Change, Futures, Environment and Media.

We’ve worked with some brilliant clients to do this, including Konica Minolta, Google, The Design Museum, Carlsberg, Experian, Royal Mail, The Huffington Post, Samsung, ITV, Oxfam to name a few.

John is also a visiting lecturer at the IED Design School in Barcelona, teaches on courses like Google Squared, and speaks across the world at conferences such as dConstruct and IdejaX.


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