Smithery is a strategic design unit in London.

We work across strategy, design, culture, prototyping, and innovation.

We design things that change how your people work, and what they're working on.

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What we do

  • Strategy

    The big thinking. Balancing the understanding of people inside and outside of your organisation, and the products and services you create and supply, in order to find the vision that helps you make a real difference.

  • Prototyping

    Rapidly develop compelling new ideas for products and services, using a variety of materials and techniques. The first round of exploration, making provocative futures which help you ask “will it be this, or more like that?”.

  • Design

    Designing better situations and environments for your team to design in, help build up and improve the resolution in your ideas, and take them from prototype stage into becoming something truly valuable.

  • Culture

    Helping you change the wider culture from one in which your organisation lives to one where it thrives. We do this through mentoring, team development, organisational design and work flow analysis.


  • Tracey Camilleri

    Saïd Business School

    "I’ve found that if you have half an idea that you are excited about - John probably has the other half. He has a generous imagination earthed in an intellectual rigour that makes him a rare bird. I have benefited from his eclectic frame of reference and uncanny ability to make generative connections between people, ideas, genres. Working with John feels like play - why isn't all work like that?”

  • Julie Doleman


    "Working with Smithery has been a brilliant adventure for my entire team. They are not afraid of a challenge and their creativity and passion have opened our minds up to more innovative ways of working by helping to shape our thinking, actions and behaviours. Their work has helped us to create the culture of change we’ve needed to continue on our path of growth.”

  • Nick Kendall

    BBH, IPA

    “Mr King, Mr Bullmore… Mr Willshire. OK, John’s not quite the Third Ronnie, but I do believe he should be here alongside these legends, exploring what brands are now versus then.”

  • Mark Earls


    “Thinking without doing is as pointless as doing without thinking. John is one of the best of a new breed of strategists who actually do things.”

  • Thomas Moradpour


    "We love working with Smithery; an awesome source of brilliant ideas and endless energy in our creative process.”

  • Adam Morgan

    Eat Big Fish

    “John is the single most creatively fertile person I have met in the last five years”